Blocked Drains

Drainage issues such as slow-draining, smelly sinks, can be a symptom of a larger problem. Build-ups of residue and debris can form slowly over time, until one day the drain simply stops working. If you’ve noticed the signs, it might be time to discuss a maintenance inspection with a professional plumber.

John Phillips Plumbing will send a licenced plumber to inspect and repair issues such as blocked or clogged drains to areas in the Hunter Valley, including Maitland, Gosford, Newcastle, Singleton and Port Stephens NSW.

We will scope your drains using a special camera, identifying the cause of the blockage, and clearing it out so that it doesn’t happen again. Of course, we believe that prevention is the best cure; you shouldn’t wait until you have a blocked drain before calling a plumber. Talk to us about scheduling some regular maintenance checks on your property, to prevent blocked drains before they even start. Call us to discuss on (02) 4028 6314.

Sewer Jetting

Sewer jetting is one of the most effective treatments for a clogged toilet or blocked drain. Once the blockage has been identified, we send a specialist scope down the drain to unblock it.

Sewer jetting sends a highly pressurised stream of water into the pipe, breaking up blockages and cleaning debris from the inside of pipes.

Sewer jetting can restore the effectiveness of plumbing by removing any grime or residue from the inner surface of affected pipes, returning the drainage flow to a normal state.

Even if a pipe isn’t fully blocked currently, could be a build-up that may result in blockage in the future. If you have a stubborn drain or toilet that continues to clog, call John Phillips Plumbing to discuss a lasting solution.

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