Roofing Repairs and Maintenance

Often when a roof is leaking, the culprit can be something simple. A rusty or damaged panel of sheeting is easily identified by a professional roof plumber. While a patch might be a good temporary solution, nothing is a better fix than having the old, faulty sheeting removed and replaced with new panels. Depending on what the plumber finds, they may suggest re-roofing the entire house.

If your roof is leaking, ask one of the qualified plumbers from John Phillips Plumbing to do an inspection – we’re based in Maitland NSW, and service all areas of the Hunter Valley including Newcastle, Singleton, Port Stephens and Gosford. We’ll inspect your roof and provide a quote for re-roofing or replacing rusted or damaged sections. Call us today to arrange an inspection, on (02) 4028 6314.

Guttering Repairs

If your roof is rusted or in need of repair, chances are your gutters might also require some maintenance. Sagging, rusty gutters not only look unsightly, they are also not performing the job they are there to do. When rainwater isn’t directed through downpipes and into the stormwater system, it can collect in your yard and under buildings, causing big problems later on.

We’ll inspect your faulty gutters and replace them with some brand new ones, to ensure that stormwater goes where it should! Arrange an inspection by one of our licenced roof plumbers today.

Gutter Guards and Maintenance

Did you know that faulty or clogged gutters are one of the main culprits in causing ceiling leaks and collapse? You might think your roof is leaking during a big storm, however in many cases the problem is blocked gutters! During a heavy downpour, water coming off the roof and into a blocked gutter can build up and flow back up under the eaves and straight into your roof cavity. This can result in a damp, leaky ceiling, water running out of light fixtures, and in serious cases even ceiling collapse.

Prevent this from happening by ensuring that your gutters are blockage-free. John Phillips Plumbing install high-quality gutter guards, to stop debris such as leaves and twigs from building up inside your gutters. We can also arrange a regular annual inspection and clean of your gutters, to make sure that build-ups of fine silt have not occurred.

For peace of mind that your gutters are in peak working condition, call John Phillips Plumbing today on (02) 4028 6314.


For roofing and guttering repairs and maintenance, call John Phillips Plumbing on (02) 4028 6314.