Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Renovations

Renovating your kitchen or bathroom can give a fresh new feel to your entire house! In order to achieve your perfect space without any hassles, we recommend talking to a plumber about any items that relate to the supply of water or gas. A change in the original layout might require you to move some services, such as water supply or drainage pipes, for your newly installed kitchen or bathroom to work as it should.

Things such as installing a new toilet, basin or shower, putting in a dishwasher, or simply installing a mixer faucet on your hand basin, could all benefit from the expertise of a professional plumber. For professional advice you can trust, call John Phillips Plumbing today on (02) 4028 6314.

Service Relocations

Are you making a big change to the layout of your kitchen or bathroom? John Phillips Plumbing can perform service relocations for residential, commercial and industrial premises. Whether you need to move your water supply pipes to a different location, install additional drainage, or relocate your gas line – make sure your service relocations are performed by a qualified professional.

Tapware Replacement

A kitchen or bathroom renovation need not be complicated. Something as simple as replacing the tapware can rejuvenate your space with minimal cost and inconvenience. John Phillips Plumbing can source and install a wide range of high quality tapware that is sure to suit your needs. However, if you’ve already found the perfect faucet, we’ll also happily install pre-purchased tapware onsite. Call us today to discuss your new tapware installation work.

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